We provide support in the following five areas, which we call our Classes of Care.

Ordinary Task Support

We will assist you in executing the day-in and day-out tasks of running your household. Laundry, dishes, wardrobe management, appointment scheduling, vacuuming, grocery shopping, bank visits, and pharmacy trips are all items with which we’re happy to help. We’ll also collaborate on your hygiene regimen to ensure you look and feel your best.

Activity & Camaraderie 

It’s nice to spend time with someone, and it’s even better to share the things you love. We play cards, go for manicures, make trips to the hobby shop; we’ll even take you for a cruise with the windows down and your favorite tunes on the radio. We’re not babysitters — we hope to be more like partners-in-crime — so we’ll find out what you like to do, and we’ll do it!

Health & Hygiene 

This Class of Care is designed to keep you looking and feeling your best. We’ll monitor bathing and or showering, toileting, medication reminders, prosthetics, and using your mobility apparatus.

Calendar Management

Let us make sure you keep to your social engagements and remember special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. (We understand the importance of cards & correspondence.) We’ll also help you schedule and track doctor’s appointments and the like, so you can keep your calendar in check.

Status Updates

We’ll make sure you—and those important to you—are updated appropriately regarding your health and well-being, predicated on parameters we set when we begin working together.



You’re probably wondering, “What do I do if I want help with some of these areas, but not all of them?”

That’s understandable; we get it. The first step in the process is getting acquainted with one another, so you’ll be able to set limits and explain to us what you want. To prepare for that first meeting, we’ll send you (and anyone else you may want to contribute) our standard Care Worksheet, which will allow you to clearly indicate what you’re looking for.

“Ok, that sounds good. How does all this work, anyhow?”

We’ve created a document that shows the steps we’ll go through to get you set up. Click here to check it out, and feel free to print it for your records.