How This Works

Here’s how we’d begin working together:

Whether you are looking to begin care immediately — as early as the next day — or whether you are just investigating home health care and are looking to start in the near future, you’ll follow the same steps. Your circumstances will dictate the speed with which we put a plan in motion.

Step One: Call Us

You’ll begin by calling our office at 631.834.5914 to describe your situation.

Step Two: Care Worksheet

We’ll send you our Care Worksheet, a document that allows you to identify and indicate the areas in which you’d like our support. Those areas include our four Classes of Care: ordinary task support, health & hygiene, activity & camaraderie, and calendar management. The worksheet will probably take you 15-30 minutes to complete.

Step Three: Introductory Meeting & Paperwork

You’ll send your completed worksheet to us via post or email, and we’ll contact you to schedule an introductory meeting when we’ll review your worksheet together, discuss any concerns, and answer all your questions. This meeting gives us a chance to get to know not only your expectations but also your personality. It is important we match you with a caregiver who both parties will consider a “fit.”

If you agree to partner with Golden Age Elder Care, you’ll review our fee structure and our contract, and you’ll execute our paperwork. Care will commence as determined in the introductory meeting.

Step Four: Care Commences & Billing Begins

There are two parties who receive payment for your home health care support: Golden Age Elder Care and your caregiver.

Golden Age Elder Care assesses fees based on an hourly rate and will bill you monthly, either with a traditional paper bill or through electronic billing, depending on your preference. Our fees cover caregiver placement & scheduling, status reports, and unannounced random visits while our caregivers are in action, as well as other operations-related fees including insurance.

Your caregiver earns payment based on an hourly rate for their services. He or she will invoice you and expect payment weekly. Your weekly caregiver invoice will include a summary of that week’s activity, as well as a tally of the days and hours worked. Golden Age Elder Care will review these invoices and retain copies to ensure your expectations are being met.